Inspection equipment

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  • Control valve test bench

    By simulating the actual use conditions of the vehicle, the control performance of the control valve is tested in all directions.

  • Clutch test bench

    Simulate the maximum static torque of the clutch when it is actually powered on.

  • Three coordinates

    Measure and evaluate the size, shape, and mutual position of the component under test by measuring elements such as points, lines, faces, and spheres.

  • High and low temperature test bench

    Test the adaptability of components and raw materials during storage, transportation, and use under high temperature and low temperature rapid changes.

  • Profilometer

    Detect the dimensions of arc, angle, distance and contour of the workpiece surface.

  • Pressure burst test bench

    Test the pressure resistance of the compressor and components through the pressure output of low pressure and high pressure.

  • Universal microscope

    Can accurately measure the size, angle, shape and position of various workpieces, various parameters of threaded parts, and measure the two-dimensional shape and position tolerances of various parts.

  • Test equipment

    Comprehensive test bench for coil turns, insulation resistance, and withstand voltage test.

  • Salt spray test chamber

    Evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials by simulating salt fog environmental conditions through equipment.


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