Test equipment

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  • Performance test bench

    The second refrigeration dose calorimeter method is used to test the compressor's refrigeration capacity, power consumption, COP, floor area ratio, oil return rate, torque and other related performance parameters.

  • Noise test bench

    Using the latest acoustic vibration test system for FFT test analysis, it can detect product noise, pulsation, acceleration (vibration), individual solid frequency and other tests.

  • Variable displacement test bench

    It can be used for connection test of real car air cooling system, which simulates the working environment of compressors, condensers and evaporators respectively, and is used for the design of variable displacement products for technical research and development, and has a wide range of test conditions.

  • Vibration test bench

    The water-cooled electric vibration test system is used to perform product vibration environment and shock environment design tests, environmental stress screening tests, and reliability tests, which include sine, random, typical shock, resonance search, and resident test types.

  • Hydraulic impact test bench

    The method of controlling the heat exchange condition of the evaporator of the automobile air-conditioning system is used to control the heat exchange effect of the evaporator, thereby affecting the refrigeration state of the compressor suction port, reaching the operating condition of the compressor with liquid, and running life of the components.

  • Durability test bench

    Under different test conditions, test the life and durability of the related technical requirements of the product, parts, etc.


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